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To protect your possessions, you need the right type of door lock. Here Doctor Locksmith in Little Rock will tell you everything you need to know to get the right type of locks and be safe.


The deadbolt is one of the mainstays of door locking technology, simply because of its design.

  • When the lock is closed, a long solid metal bar slides horizontally through the door frame and into the wall. This simple and durable design fulfills most security needs.
  • It makes the door difficult to force open due to the large bar that is recessed into the wall. In most homes, the front and back doors have a deadbolt.

Handle Door locks

Simple doorknob locks are common in most homes as Locksmiths in Little Rock suggested.

  • They offer only a very low degree of security, as they are usually intended to prevent someone from accidentally entering a room or a guest bedroom for example. They are normally used to protect people’s privacy.
  • However, you should not rely on this basic solution to protect your valuables from thieves.

Combination locks

Having no key or electronic mechanism, these locks can only be unlocked using the combination code. The “key” exists only in the mind of the user and can be shared or kept secret if needed.

  • These locks are common on safes and in storage areas but are sometimes used in homes and offices.
  • The mechanism can take the form of a classic combination wheel or a series of buttons.

Electronic locks

Many locks use an electronic interface to open and close. They can be activated using a code, card, or button and they cannot be picked due to the lack of a keyhole.

  • In order to be able to open these doors without authorization, one would have to hack or rewire the mechanism, or even break the door.
  • These patterns are common in commercial and business settings, which often require additional security or where it is important to identify people walking through doors.


A simple latch with a padlock is perfectly sufficient for outdoor use, such as on the door of a garden shed or a locked crate. Padlocks, which are available with keys or a combination of numbers, vary in price and quality.

  • You just need to make sure the latch is properly attached to the door because the quality of the lock won’t matter much if someone manages to unscrew the latch!

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