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Getting locked out of your own car can often be an extremely stressful experience but you need to know that it is important for you to stay calm. Using improper methods of opening your car instead of waiting for a professional auto locksmith to come and look at your car should never even be an option as it is extremely harmful.

At Doctor Locksmith AR, we have some highly experienced and skilled employees who are excellent at being reliable car locksmith and fix your lock-related issues. We have an array of tools to suit auto locksmiths that we use to open your car in case the lock is broken or you have locked keys in car or the keys are simply lost.

Slim Jim to open car doors

One of the most effective tools for opening up a locked car is slim jim. However, it is effective only on cars with upright style locks. So instead of trying to be creative and use it in different ways, you should let our experts what we do best… save the day and help you unlock your car within seconds.

Our experts are well versed with all the tools with the slim jim being one of them. They know the ins and outs of the different slim jim methods and how they vary depending on the model of the car. Using slim jim requires a lot of finesse because this part of the car’s door will have many electronic mechanisms and wires which can be easily disrupted.

Wedges - the most effective tool to open cars and get yourself out of a lockout

A more common way of getting yourself out of a car lockout situation would be to use wedges. Wedges usually vary in shape and size to accomplish successful unlocking for a number of different models of cars. Even though wedges are much easier to operate than slim jim but you can never be too careful when it comes to cars. Always wait for the assistance of a professional to use the wedge and create an opening in the door so that other tools can be used to unlock the car. Once we have placed in the wedge, a lasso tool is very effective for cars with an upright door lock.

If you contact us, we will do our best to send assistance to you within 15 minutes depending on your proximity from our auto locksmiths. Our auto locksmiths are always on the road so you can easily search car locksmiths near me and they will reach you sooner rather than later. Our technicians are trained to communicate effectively with you and provide optimal solutions in quick time.

What makes us one of the best Locksmith Cabot AR companies is the versatility of our technicians. They have spent years gaining experience and needed skills to be able to open all the cars irrespective of the model.

As soon as our technicians arrive, they will assess the situation of your car and inform you of the services that are needed. Most car lockouts usually take around 5 minutes. However, if car keyreplacement is needed, the time will depend on the complexity of the key and you will be notified of the required time.

No. We always provide quality services and take ample care to make sure your vehicle is unharmed during the entire process. Our trained experts will assess the situation and carry out a smooth auto lockout process.

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The automotive locksmith services provided by us include:

Repair and replace ignitions

We can repair all types of ignition and replace them too.

High-security vehicles

Our technicians work efficiently with high-security cars too.

Repair and replace auto locks

At Dr. Locksmith, we can repair and replace car door locks of different types with ease.

Repair and replace lost or stolen keys

Doctor Locksmith AR professionals can easily make new keys for you in no time. We have experience working with all types of car models.

Key extraction

Our technicians are equipped with all the tools necessary to extract the broken parts of the lock stuck in the door. All you have to do is contact us and we will be there at your service.